September 14,2007

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Pam Rice and I am writing in reference to Fusion Factory.  I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party on an island on Wascana Lake in August 2007 hosted by Brad Zakreski and Scott Carson.

Two friends and I were picked up in a dragon boat and escorted to the island with informative commentary about the surrounding area and some of the history of the Wascana Lake area as well as the tours and island rentals available for future bookings.  When we arrived at the island we were graciously helped out of the boat and lead to the main party area where there was a full service DJ and a great party atmosphere.  A large fire pit created a comfortable social environment where everyone felt at ease and friendly.  The guests were encouraged to request their favourite songs that were remixed by Brad,the talented DJ.  I had the opportunity to see Scott host Storm in the Summer ,a spring festival for businesses to exhibit their products and services,and was very impressed by his outgoing personality and exuberant character.  As MC for the August birthday party Scott,again,demonstrated his ability to capture the attention of the audience in an interactive and entertaining way.At the end of the night,Scott transported us back to the main land upon request and ensured we all enjoyed the night.

I went to the party as a guest of a friend and did not know what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised by the night and feel comfortable to recommend Storm Applied Technologies, specifically Brad and Scott,to anyone requiring services they offer.  I hope this letter has been informative and I welcome any inquires on my experiences with this group of companies.Please feel free to contact me at home:  306-565-1850.


Pam Rice



"Everyone had a blast! Adults, and kids a like. I have never been to a party where adult women participated in the Chicken dance while jumping on a trampoline ... The mixing of music was incredible - who knew you could mix AC DC with Justin Timberlake. Now I've seen it all ...read more"

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