This is what I tell our customers about your company:


We have had Fusion Factory on a number of occasions at our property and every time they are here, they create a very successful event.  Gone are the days when a DJ just sat behind his table all night, playing repetitive tracks. Fusion Factory brings an experience like no other – featuring great music tracks, friendly vibrant staff, and lots of extras to enhance any party. Guests love the Nintendo Wii games and the karaoke is a big hit! They are pleasant to deal with, set-up and tear-down is a breeze and they make sure they honor their commitments. If you are looking for a unique, exciting enhancement for your event, whether it be a wedding or corporate social event, Fusion Factory are fantastic. So fantastic, we now use them for our own events and have had the exact same experience we see our customers having all the time!

- Travel Lodge Regina.




Thanks for being a part of making our day special!

- Jamie and Christa Berguist

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